After fleeing Marlborough court, suspect found in attic


After fleeing Marlborough court, suspect found in attic
Rian De Oliveira faces charges including escaping from a penal institution and disabling electronic monitoring of a prisoner. (Photo/Laura Hayes)

MARLBOROUGH – A Sutton man was charged after he allegedly fled while in custody at Marlborough District Court and led police on a chase before he was found in an attic crawl space. 

On Thursday, June 15, at 11:48 a.m., Marlborough police responded to Marlborough District Court following the report that a suspect – Rian De Oliveira, 21, of Sutton – who was in custody had fled. 

According to the statement of facts filed in Marlborough District Court, De Oliveira was before a judge on a probation warrant for charges of home invasion, armed assault in a dwelling and entering a dwelling at night for a felony. 

The judge reportedly told De Oliveira that he was being placed into custody for the probation violation. 

“At this time, Rian De Oliveira opted to flee and escape from the court and court officers and ran outside,” police wrote. “Court officers gave pursuit, but De Oliveira managed to escape custody.”

According to the statement of facts, De Oliveira fled into the woods behind the courthouse. Police arrived and set up a perimeter along Williams Street and Route 20. Police said that De Oliveira crossed over Lakeside Avenue, running through a yard. The homeowner, who was outside doing landscaping, told police that De Oliveira scaled two fences that led to properties on Broad and West Main streets. 

According to the statement of facts, police reset the perimeter and went to the place he was last seen. An officer saw De Oliveira jumping a fence on Fay Court, and K9 Meiko located a track leading to Winter Avenue. 

Police said that K9 Meiko flushed him from a hiding spot in a backyard off Lincoln Street and fled. 

“During this time, the area homeowners, walkers and vehicles were interrupted from their normal routine by De Oliveira, who was running across streets and almost being struck, through yards and restaurant property and parking lots,” police wrote. 

De Oliveira was seen at the Fix Burger Bar before he ran in and out of traffic on Route 20 before going up a hill, disappearing from sight in the woods along the condos, the statement of facts said.

K9 Meiko picked up his tracking, ultimately going to a residence on Lakeside Avenue. Police said the door was slightly ajar and unsecured. The resident told police that they were home alone and napping on a couch. Police said they told the resident that someone had broken in and was hiding inside. 

According to the statement of facts, K9 Meiko located De Oliveira in an attic crawl space on the third floor. Police said that he wouldn’t leave the crawl space, and they used K9 Meiko to flush him out. 

When the second crawl space door opened, De Oliveira “powered his way through” and hit two officers, police said, before beginning to fight with them.

Police said that De Oliveira resisted arrest, but was taken into custody. A Marlborough probation officer said that he removed and discarded his GPS bracelet while evading police.

He was charged with escaping from a penal institution, disabling electronic monitoring of a prisoner, breaking and entering, and two counts of assault and battery on a police officer.

His case was transferred to Westborough District Court. His next appearance is July 5.

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