Marlborough Candidate Statement – Mayor – Patrick Hogan


Marlborough Candidate Statement – Mayor – Patrick Hogan
Patrick Hogan

Tell us about yourself

My name is Patrick Hogan, I am a candidate for Mayor. I have a clear and vested interest in Marlborough’s future. I am a homeowner and a taxpayer. My wife Rachel and I welcomed our 2-month-old baby, Braedyn, in July. I was born and raised in Marlborough. I have worked for the City of Marlborough for decades. I am a police officer currently assigned to the Investigations Unit. My skill set as a detective and investigator translates well into public office. I have the ability to identify problems, find solutions, and take action. Also, as the President of the Marlborough Police Patrol Officers Association, I have experience negotiating contracts and labor disputes. Furthermore, I am the founder and director of the Sgt. William Kirby 5K Road Race and the MPD K9 Block Party I’ve done a considerable amount of charity work and fundraising. Those two events have been responsible for donations of thousands of dollars to charities and local families in need over the course of the last 22 years.

For the first time in 10 years, the city will have a new mayor. Should you be elected Mayor, what will be your first goals?

My initial goals will be multi-faceted and include forging a partnership between the Marlborough Economic Development Corp, the Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce and City Hall with a shared and cohesive vision to revitalize downtown.

I will also be focused on addressing the manpower shortage of our public safety departments. Police, Fire and DPW. We need our departments fully staffed to ensure our citizens are safe and to keep up with ever increasing calls for service due to the exponential growth the city is experiencing.

Currently, there are several vacancies on Main Street, in addition to the vacant lot next to Welly’s. As mayor, how would you support downtown revitalization?

I will reach out to local business leaders, property owners, the MEDC and the MRCC. A cohesive vision is a priority for success. I met with directors of the Hudson Business Association, where we explored their successful revitalization of Hudson Main Street. Key to Hudson’s transformation was their innovative approach that brings together business and property owners to collaboratively enhance their downtown area. I believe we can mimic what Hudson has done by forging a partnership between City Hall, MEDC and MRCC. I am committed to hit the ground running on day one, initiating the process of re-instituting a strong and inclusive Marlborough Downtown Village Association. Together, with the guidance of the MEDC and MRCC, we will continue to transform our downtown into a thriving hub of boutiques, shops, restaurants, and bars. The vision for a revitalized downtown Marlborough is not just a dream; it’s a carefully crafted plan backed by successful models and the unwavering spirit of progress.

The city recently welcomed homeless families, with most of them housed at the Holiday Inn and Extended Stay. How should the city support these families moving forward? 

Immigrants will always be welcomed in Marlborough under my administration. From my experience as a police officer, I know dropping the equivalent of a neighborhood onto a city creates issues. The ripple effect will be substantial. I believe preparing the children to enter our schools and the adults to enter the workforce is a big piece of the puzzle and paramount to their successful assimilation. I have visited the Hotel and spoke with the immigrants. I learned many speak Portuguese. The ability to speak Portuguese will help them assimilate quicker as we have a large Portuguese speaking Brazilian Community. The Brazilians are a very important community in Marlborough. I’ve met with the local Brazilian Leadership and will partner with them to continue their integration as a shining example for the new immigrants coming into our city. I would also acknowledge and congratulate the current administration, school committee & staff on being able to pivot so close to the new school year without notice or preparation.

As Mayor, would you support the building of a West Side Fire Station?

There is glaring need for a West Side Fire Station. Not only do I support the building of the fire station, but it will also be a main focus of my administration. I also believe there is a need for a West Side satellite Police Station.

As the Mayor is also chair of school committee, what are the biggest issues facing the school district? 

As Chairperson of the School Committee my goal will be to work with my fellow committee members to provide students and educators a safe and nurturing public school system. I have identified a few key issues that need to be acknowledged and addressed. The first of which is overcrowding and how the addition of immigrant children has exacerbated the situation. Some of the other issues identified through my research are;
Students allowed to keep smart phones in school.
Lack of English Learner (EL) teachers
Little to no consequence for disruptive behavior
Need for more classroom support staff. More teachers, paraeducators, behavior techs and guidance counselors.
District wide issues with social and emotional learning. Perceived lack of discipline and consequences coupled with lack of staff takes a toll on staff and students.
I was also very encouraged by the positive feedback from the majority of schoolteachers and staff. I commend them and proudly highlight and celebrate their many successes.

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