Assistant chief receives accreditation


Assistant chief receives accreditation
Marlborough Fire Department Assistant Chief Jeff Emanuelson. (photo/Courtesy)

MARLBOROUGH – Marlborough Fire Department Assistant Chief Jeff Emanuelson recently became accredited by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Fire Service Commission. The path to becoming accredited is not an easy one.

The Massachusetts Fire Chiefs credentialing and recredentialing program is intended to provide the opportunity for all full-time, call and volunteer applicants to demonstrate, through recognition at the highest level, their skills, knowledge and professional achievements that benefit their respective departments and the cities or towns they serve.  Accreditation can be obtained by anyone in the ranks from fire lieutenant to chief.

There are 11 categories with a point system, and each category has its own point system. 

The categories are based on certifications from professional designation organizations, work experiences, formal education, fire officer training, professional development, certifications  and organizations, state hazardous material response certifications, professional contributions  to boards, commissions and technical committees and two professional letters of reference.

In order to maintain credentialing, an accredited fire officer must accumulate 72 points of approved programs and training within a 36-month period. 

Emanuelson received his credential from the Massachusetts Fire Service Commission on February 23. He started his fire service career with the Hudson, New Hampshire, Fire Department in June of 1988. He worked six years in Hudson then joined the Manchester, New Hampshire, Fire Department. He was promoted to lieutenant in 1994 and to deputy chief while with Manchester. He then became an assistant chief in Salem, New Hampshire. 

He became an assistant chief in Marlborough in 2022.

Emanuelson stated that “his next goal is to get the National Accreditation.” 

“Getting this credential is a lot of hard work, and I hope this inspires other firefighters and fire officers in the Marlborough Fire Department to continue the learning process,” he said. “This job has changed a lot since I first got appointed and continues to evolve.”

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