Elements Massage offers relaxing, customizable experience


Elements Massage offers relaxing, customizable experience
Elements Massage recently remodeled much of its building with new flooring, paint, and furniture. (Photo/Courtesy)

REGION – Elements Massage offers clients relaxation, comfort and customization.

The company, which Andrew and Jill Dudka opened in 2012, has 20 licensed therapists dedicated to “creating an atmosphere of well-being” for clients. Massage can provide numerous benefits, including better sleep, lower blood pressure, pain and soreness relief, and improved circulation.

Whether you’re looking for relaxation or recovering from an injury, Elements Massage is ready for you. The company offers numerous services ranging from deep tissue massage, which promotes blood flow into the muscles and accelerates healing, to cupping therapy, which uses suction to enhance well-being. There’s something for everyone at Elements Massage.

“Massage has a lot of different meanings to a lot of different people,” Andrew Dudka told the Community Advocate. “As I’ve talked to our clients over the years, I would say the majority are looking for general stress relief and that overall feeling of well-being.”

Dudka explained that getting a massage at least once per month can greatly improve general well-being. Elements Massage makes it easy; the company offers a membership that gives members a heavily discounted monthly massage. The membership includes no long-term commitment – members can cancel within one month – and members can bank massages for the future if they prefer.

“Take an hour for you. Even if that one hour means you can’t pick up your phone. Even that can really help… massage is one of the few activities in which your phone is off and out of your reach. Knowing that’s been put away, can really settle the brain and give you one hour of peace,” Dudka said.

Elements Massage also offers several add-on services, including CBD (short for cannabidiol, an ingredient that is derived from hemp but does not cause a high) and aromatherapy. Dudka explained that add-on enhancements can “go a long way to promote stress relief.”

Elements Massage takes pride in tailoring each experience to the specific needs of each client. From the start, the client explains to the therapist what they would like to focus on, allowing the therapist to develop a specific treatment for that client. Throughout the massage, therapists check in with the client, making sure they’re applying an appropriate and comfortable amount of pressure.

“It’s very important that the client feels secure and safe. That collaborative process helps ensure the client gets the best experience possible,” Dudka said. “We offer a very client-centered approach to massage. It’s about the client – their needs, their comfort level, their safety.”

Elements Massage recently remodeled much of its building with new flooring, paint, and furniture – all in the name of promoting relaxation to its valued clients.

“At the end of the day, people need relief from either stress or pain. They want an experience that improves their well-being. The massage is the means by which we provide the client with that customized experience. Massage provides the time that shuts out the world and focuses on giving them what they need. We see our mission as providing an incomparable experience that changes lives everyday,” said Dudka.

“Give us the opportunity to make a difference in your well-being,” Dudka added. “You’ll see what makes us unique.”

Elements Massage is located at 100 Boston Turnpike (White City Shopping Center). For more information on Elements Massage, visit https://elementsmassage.com/shrewsbury or call (508) 925-5100.

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