Relocation among next steps for Westborough Public Library project


Relocation among next steps for Westborough Public Library project
This drone photo shows the Westborough Public Library. (Photo/Tami White)

WESTBOROUGH – Now that funding to cover the repair project’s design costs has been approved, the Westborough Public Library is getting ready for the next phase.

The next phase includes identifying a space where the library could set up shop while repairs are underway.

According to Ed Baldwin, chair of the Library Building Committee, they hope to use “part of the community center building or the existing senior center.” Should that become possible, the library would save “substantially” on relocation costs, he said.

If no municipal space is available, the library would have to lease private space somewhere in town.

“At this point, we don’t know whether either building will be available, and that decision belongs to the Select Board,” said Baldwin.

After Town Meeting turned down a project to renovate and expand the library in 2022, the Library Building Committee began plans for a repair project.

The project will include restoring the windows; replacing the roof; replacing HVAC parts; replacing the lower floor carpet; adding restrooms; relocating the Teen Room; restoring the adult meeting rooms; and expanding local history storage.

Funding approved at the Annual Town Meeting in March – about $1.178 million – will pay for construction and bid documents that will be presented at the next town meeting in 2025.

Funding for the actual construction, if approved, is estimated at $14 million.

The costs to move and relocate are part of the funding approved at the Annual Town Meeting in March.

In addition to the relocation itself, Baldwin said the committee will be deciding on the requirements for a temporary library and estimate how much time would be required to lease a private space should that become necessary.

View the committee’s agenda, meetings and project documents at

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