Shrewsbury student earns perfect score on SAT


Shrewsbury student earns perfect score on SAT
Ashwin Sivagaminathan recently scored 1600 on the SAT. (Photo/Evan Walsh)

SHREWSBURY – Ashwin Sivagaminathan has achieved one of the country’s rarer academic feats.

The Shrewsbury High School sophomore aced the SAT – scoring all 1600 available points.

The SAT is typically taken by upperclassmen, but Sivagaminathan wanted to get ahead of the curve because he expected to be busy during his junior year. Sivagaminathan started studying for the exam in March, taking two hour-long classes per week. In the weeks leading up to the August SAT, he started taking full-length practice tests.

“Ashwin’s achievement is quite an accomplishment,” said Shrewsbury High School Principal Todd Bazydlo. “It’s a testament to his hardwork and perseverance. These qualities will serve him well in future endeavors.”

Sivagaminathan described the moment he found out he had earned a perfect score.

“I was so happy. I was on the bus and I was sitting next to my friend,” he said. “I didn’t have very good service at the time, so I couldn’t check. My dad texted me, and he sent me a screenshot… of the score. I was basically jumping up and down. I couldn’t believe it. I was like ‘Wow! Did I actually do that?’ ”

Sivagaminathan – who is interested in computer science – credited Shrewsbury High School and EdKonnect Academy with much of his success. EdKonnect Academy is an online private tutoring company developed by Sivagaminathan’s father in 2020. While studying for the test, Sivagaminathan helped his father run the company, vetting potential tutors and editing documents.

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