Repairs to Hudson Fire Station roof underway


Repairs to Hudson Fire Station roof underway
Hudson’s Fire Station 1 stands on Washington Street. Repairs to the station began late last month after it was struck by lightning. (Photo/Laura Hayes)

HUDSON — Repair of the Hudson Fire Station bell tower roof and main roof commenced on Oct. 30 and will take months to complete.

“Scaffolding is required on all four sides of the bell tower. It will take about three days for the scaffolding to be erected,” said Chief Bryan Johannes.

There will be construction staging protected by concrete barriers in the driveway between the station and the Hudson Public Library, with traffic flowing one way when it is taking place. Signage will be present, and police details will be staffed during staging.

Traffic for the two buildings will flow into the driveway between the fire station and the library and exit the opposing driveway.

On June 17, the Hudson Fire Station sustained damage following a lightning strike. The strike occurred at 3:30 p.m., and the station was reopened five days later.

Johannes said the damage was specifically to the slate roof of the bell tower and the rubber membrane of the main roof. In addition, initial damage happened to several pieces of sensitive electronic equipment, such as computer monitors, the phone server and the fire alarm system.

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“A claim was initiated with our insurance provider the following Monday. Between Saturday and Monday, we operated all fire companies out of headquarters,” said Johannes.

During the nighttime operation, they provided a fire watch in the building beginning on June 22. The fire alarm system was repaired on June 29, and it required a new fire alarm panel, new heat and smoke detectors as well as all pull stations and horn strobes. Additionally, the phone switch and computer monitors were replaced by the Information Technology Department.

The overall damage was assessed by United Service Adjustment Inc. under the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association, which brought in an electrical engineer and a roofing specialist.

“The entire slate roof on the bell tower will be replaced. The rubber membrane roof on the main roof will be patched,” said Johannes.

BluSky Restoration Contractors LLC will be doing the repairs, which are covered by the state insurance association.

Johannes estimated the timeline to be a couple of months.

He added, “I am hoping the work can be completed by Dec. 1.”

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