City approves special permit for next phases of Post Road Realty project


City approves special permit for next phases of Post Road Realty project
The Burrow, which opened in 2022, is part of the Executive Residential Overlay District. The City Council approved a special permit for the next phases of the district, which is owned by Post Road Realty LLC. (Photo/Courtesy)

MARLBOROUGH – The Executive Residential Overlay District off Simarano Drive has been given the green light to expand.

On Oct. 23, the City Council approved the special permit for phases three and four of the district owned by Post Road Realty LLC.

The district is best known for The Burrow, which is nearly full, and The Lodge, which is under construction.

The vote was 9-2, with councilors John Irish and Mark Oram opposed.

Oram said he would not support the special permit because of a reduction in the number of affordable housing units.

According to the permit, 10% of the units will be affordable, instead of 15% as required by the city’s zoning ordinance. Post Road Realty LLC will pay to the city $50,000 per affordable unit in lieu of the 15%.

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For phases three and four of the project, the number of applicable units is 24 (12 units per phase), for a total payment of $1.2 million. The payments will be deposited into the West Side Fire Station stabilization account.

Oram said while he’s all for having the money for the fire station, affordable housing is a higher priority.

Under the special permit, Post Road Realty LLC plans to construct a mixed-use, family residential and commercial project. The residential portion will comprise 475 units.

“This will be the greatest project outside Boston,” said John McFayden of Post Road Realty. “This is going to be a very unique project for us.”

The special permit will be subject to a site plan review. The applicant will also relocate Green District Boulevard to reduce the impact on wetland buffer zone areas and install a crosswalk across Simarano Drive, connecting to Cedar Hill Street.

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