Flaherty Physical Therapy offers individualized, fun approach to exercise


Flaherty Physical Therapy offers individualized, fun approach to exercise
The Flaherty Physical Therapy team. (Photo/Courtesy)

REGION – When Kevin Flaherty started his own physical therapy practice in 2015, he said he wanted to “provide care the way it should be provided.”

Today, Flaherty Physical Therapy, located in Northborough and Hudson, continues to offer top-notch, individualized, and personal care to people of all ages.

“We have the ability to work with patients one on one. If you’re a patient in our office, you’re seeing one therapist. It’s you and the therapist,” Flaherty told the Community Advocate. “There’s nothing more empowering than the relationship that’s built between the client and therapist. It’s all about creating those personal relationships with people.”

People are more than mere appointments at Flaherty Physical Therapy – Flaherty said that the practice’s therapists work to get to know the “whole” person. They build personal connections that inspire trust with the patient and therapist.

Flaherty Physical Therapy’s earned trust helps therapists accomplish one of its main missions: education. The practice seeks to educate patients about their own problems and how physical therapy’s treatment, effective exercise techniques and much more can help them.

“I wanted to do a lot of education with people in the community about what physical therapy is all about. It’s a relatively low-cost, high-value product that they can use for health and wellness,” Flaherty said.

“People also come to us with problems, and they aren’t too sure how that problem occurred,” said Flaherty. “We spend a lot of time educating people how they got to where they are, and what they can do to fix their own problem.”

Flaherty Physical Therapy offers a myriad of services, including exercise training, fall prevention, sports rehabilitation, post-surgery rehabilitation, post-concussion therapy, dry needling, pelvic health and other effective physical therapy techniques.

Physical therapy is for people of all ages; Flaherty Physical Therapy offers both pediatric programs and services for seniors up to 100 years old.

“We have the ability with our training and our profession to provide a wide range of care to the entire community. That’s part of the beauty of it. Nowadays, our focus is about keeping people active, keeping them healthy and keeping them well,” Flaherty said.

Flaherty Physical Therapy further demonstrates commitment to education by periodically holding educational workshops for the community. The practice will soon hold two programs meant to help teach individuals different exercise techniques.

The practice will hold “Men’s Health 101 – An Introduction to Fitness for the Active and Healthy Man,” and “Wellness for Today’s Women – Self Care Starts With You” in the coming months. Both four-week-long programs will get participants moving, and people will learn stretching, core-strengthening activities, ergonomics, and more.

“The perfect person for this program is someone who wants to get exercising, but they’re not sure what to do, or they have an exercise routine that’s not working for them,” Flaherty said. “I want participants to feel like they’re getting an education. What are the proper ways for people to live their lives so they remain strong and healthy? Right now, many adults in the 45- to 60-year range spend lots of time sitting in front of the computer. This is a way for them to learn different techniques they can implement in their lives immediately to make themselves healthier.”

Both programs will have an optional fifth week focusing on nutritional counseling.
Flaherty Physical Therapy is both effective and fun. While exercise can be boring, Flaherty – who calls himself the company’s “chief mojo officer” – makes movement exciting.

“We find ways to help people exercise creatively. We’re always trying to find staff that are dynamic, fun, and energetic. The staff creates the culture – they’re the ones that create the individual plans for our patients,” said Flaherty.

Flaherty Physical Therapy is located in Northborough (411 W Main St.) and Hudson (43 Broad St.). For more information (or sign up for workshops), visit https://www.flahertyphysicaltherapy.com/ or email [email protected]

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