Drive to Sing will be airing at Marlborough library on Jan. 6


Drive to Sing will be airing at Marlborough library on Jan. 6
Bryce Denney plays the piano at the end of his driveway in 2020.

MARLBOROUGH – “Drive to Sing” is heading to the Marlborough Public Library.

“We are so happy to be one of the first shows held in the newly renovated Marlborough Public Library,” exclaimed Bryce Denney. “We had been watching the construction and reaching out periodically to see about getting on the schedule, and now they are open and ready with a beautiful communications room including a projector and sound system. Jan. 6 will be an exciting day for us!”

The documentary was produced and directed by Bryce and his wife, Kathryn.

During the pandemic, local singers found an outlet to be able to sing and harmonize with others, live, while sitting in their own cars, thanks to the ingenuity of the Marlborough couple.

Bryce would tune in to local radio stations and listen for static to find an empty channel on which he could broadcast. Armed with an FM transmitter, headphones, wireless microphones and a big mixer in the back of his car, he could broadcast to everyone’s individual car radios while Kathryn would direct the music, standing in their driveway.

The Denneys were diligent about documenting the progression of ideas and improvements to the process as they moved forward, even sharing YouTube how-to videos on their website so that other choral groups could replicate the opportunity to sing as a group in a time when everyone was living in isolation. By the end of the pandemic, choir members from all over were singing their praises for keeping choral music alive and thriving in spite of COVID-19.

As their lives began to return to “normal,” the Denneys were inspired to create the documentary film about the outdoor choir projects. To date, they have shown it in person 28 times over 13 states. Most of the shows are in libraries or churches, as they generally have the space, the audiovisual equipment, and they are looking for creative ways to get people out of their homes and into public settings once again.

“The audiences have been so enthusiastic; it brings everyone back to that time. Kathryn generally gets the show started with a sing along, often a song most people know, ‘Amazing Grace,’ and we usually have a Q&A session afterwards,” continued Bryce.

The film can also be seen on Tubi, a free streaming service, but the Denneys prefer the live events.

“It’s so great to actually SEE people enjoy it,” added Kathryn, “and interact with them.”

No reservations are required for the Jan. 6 show and admission is free. The Denneys reminded that it’s a wonderful opportunity to visit the Marlborough Public Library’s new space, too. The library is located at 35 West Main Street.

For more information on the adventures of the driveway choir concept, see the Denney’s website,

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