Mugford’s Flower Shoppe: the spot for fresh flowers


Mugford’s Flower Shoppe: the spot for fresh flowers
Chris Bakutis stands in the shoppe. (Photo/Evan Walsh)

WESTBOROUGH – It’s a labor of love.

Chris Bakutis, the owner of Mugford’s Flower Shoppe for the last 31 years, spends her time procuring the freshest, highest-quality flowers for her shop. When the work is done, customers are left with beautiful, handcrafted arrangements.

“I just love doing it,” Bakutis said. “I love trying new color combinations, new textures, new types of flowers. It’s always very interesting, and I love helping people get what they need.”

Mugford’s flowers are fresh, high-quality and last a long time. Flowers are sourced from all over the world – United States, Canada, Holland, South America, and Italy just to name a few. The shop also prefers local flowers whenever they are available. From May through October, flowers from Mugford’s one-acre farm are added to arrangements.

When one walks into Mugford’s, one can see everything on display.

“You can see the flowers. You can smell the flowers. That’s really important,” said Bakutis.
The shop specializes in unique, handcrafted floral designs. Bakutis uses her 31 years of experience in the floral industry to create the perfect display, bouquet, or arrangement.
Mugford’s has products for all occasions and holidays. Christmas, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and birthdays are all made better with flowers. Flowers can be used to congratulate people, thank people, or can be given “just because.”

Whatever the purpose, Mugford’s is ready to help. Christmas centerpieces, poinsettias, boxwood trees, hostess gifts and more.

“For instance, right now it’s winter ball season,” Bakutis told the Community Advocate. “We know how to make corsages and boutonnières to match the dresses. We’re very well versed in how to make the flowers match the outfit so everything ties together.”

Mugford’s is also currently offering different varieties of Christmas-themed plants, wreaths and flowers. The products are perfect gifts – or decorations for your home – this holiday season.

The shop also has event and wedding consultation options.

Mugford’s is also here for customers during less-positive moments; the shop offers flowers meant to express sympathy, and it also has several displays meant for caskets and funerals.

“We really get to know people,” said Bakutis. “We have flowers for good occasions and flowers for bad occasions, so we’re able to be there and help people during their highs and lows.”

Mugford’s Flower Shoppe is located at 8 Warburton Lane in Westborough. For
more information on the shop, please visit or call (508) 836-5554.

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