Marlborough City Council finishes 2023 with veto overrides


Marlborough City Council finishes 2023 with veto overrides
The City Council ended 2023 by overriding two vetoes from Mayor Arthur Vigeant. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

MARLBOROUGH – The City Council wrapped up its work for 2023 by overriding two vetoes and honoring outgoing council members.

During a special meeting ordered by council President Michael Ossing on Thursday, Dec. 28, council members overrode Mayor Arthur Vigeant’s veto to accept Gikas Lane as a public way. The vote was 10-0, with Councilor Samantha Perlman absent.

Vigeant had said he would not sign the council’s order until the developer pays $2,000 toward crack sealing. He also recommended that the council hold developers more accountable when it comes to the maintenance of private roads.

During the council meeting, Ossing confirmed that there was no money left in the developer’s bond account.

“There’s no need to chase something that’s not there,” he said.

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Ossing agreed that the city needed to do a better job on keeping track of developers’ bonds.

An amendment to the zoning ordinance regarding the Downtown Village District had been vetoed earlier this year by Vigeant; the veto was upheld by the council. According to Ossing, changes were made to the amendment and brought back before the City Council. The council approved the changes, but Vigeant vetoed the measure again.

This time, the council overrode the veto 9-1, with Donald Landers voting against.

The amendment includes what construction would be allowed in the district; updated requirements on affordable housing; new rules on exterior appearance; and changes to on- and off-street parking (including an increase for payment in lieu of parking to $25,000 per space).

Wagner, Dumais honored

Laura Wagner and J. Christian Dumais finished their terms on the City Council by receiving honorary plaques from Ossing.

Wagner has moved to another part of the state to help take care of her grandchildren; Dumais is moving to another part of City Hall, where he is starting his time as mayor.

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