Legends and lore of Ivy League come to Shrewsbury library


Legends and lore of Ivy League come to Shrewsbury library
Shrewsbury Public Library is located at 609 Main Street. (Photo/Bill Gilman)

SHREWSBURY – How much do you know about the Ivy League?

On Tuesday, Jan. 16, the Shrewsbury Public Library will be hosting Ivy League author Matt Robinson, who will be presenting his book “Lions, Tigers, and… Bulldogs? An unofficial guide to the legends and lore of the Ivy League.”

The presentation will be held at 7 p.m.

Robinson, who graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, has long been infatuated with Ivy League universities. For many years, Robinson dreamed of following his father to Brown University and becoming the Ivy League university’s mascot.

“I will never forget going to the Brown-Harvard games as a kid with my late father,” Robinson said. “The game was never all that great, but I was captivated by Brown’s mascot… I just loved how the student inside the costume just ran around and acted crazy hidden inside the giant bear head so nobody knew who they were.”

So, when after a 20-year journalism career Robinson decided to write a book, his choice of topic was easy. The Southeastern, Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences have well-known mascots, but what about the Ivy Leagues?

In the book, Robinson offers a history of the Ivy League and Ivy League athletics. The book presents facts about the people, places, and traditions that have made the “Ancient Eight” so special, important, and impressive for so long, he said.

“It was fun doing the research,” Robinson said, “and I especially enjoy it when readers who went to the schools tell me they learned something about their alma mater.”

To learn more about the book, visit www.lionstigersbulldogs.com.

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