A look at Westborough’s capital projects for fiscal 2025


A look at Westborough’s capital projects for fiscal 2025
One of the capital requests is for a roof restoration at Mill Pond. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

WESTBOROUGH – Town departments will be requesting nearly $16 million for capital improvements for fiscal 2025.

Funding for these requests will come from free cash, borrowing, enterprise funds or other sources such as gifts and grants.

One of the biggest requests comes from the School Department – a total of $6.86 million for the following:

  • $60,000 – designs for the high school’s exterior RIM repairs (from free cash).
  • $192,000 – designs for the high school’s C Wing roof restoration (general fund debt).
  • $504,000 – designs for the high school’s A and B roof replacement (general fund debt).
  • $1.1 million – roof restoration for Mill Pond Elementary School (general fund debt).
  • $5 million – Americans with Disabilities Act construction for Hastings Elementary School (general fund debt).

The Westborough Public Library will be requesting $2.85 million toward design development and creating construction bid documents toward the library’s repair project. Funding would come from general fund debt.

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Requests being made by the Department of Public Works include:

  • Vehicle replacements for the Health and Building departments, and the Department of Public Works – $150,000 (three vehicles)
  • Replacing the senior center’s van – $94,000 (to replace a 2005 Ford, 10-passenger vehicle with more than 160,000 miles)
  • Replacing two trucks – $190,000
  • Replacing a six-wheel dump truck – $299,000
  • Replacing a jet vac truck – $627,000
  • Repair/replace water valves, various locations – $75,000
  • Replacing water meters, various locations – $200,000
  • Repairs to Sandra Pond Dam (complete repairs to lower spillway) – $355,000
  • Replacing water mains, various locations – $2.5 million
  • Repair/replace sewer equipment (valves, pumps, etc.) – $150,000
  • Assessment/design for sewer pump station rehabilitation – $300,000

Most of these funding requests would be covered by free cash, along with the water and sewer enterprise funds.

The Recreation Department is making two requests for funds from free cash for $65,000 to replace a utility tractor for the Westborough Golf Club and $95,000 to replace a rough mower.

The Fire Department is requesting the following transfers from free cash – $96,530 for a mobile column lift to help maintain the department’s fleet of vehicles; and $431,498 to replace one of its ambulances (Medic 2, a 2016 Ford Lifeline ambulance that currently has 135,000 miles).

The Police Department is requesting a $265,000 transfer from free cash toward the replacement of four vehicles (part of a regular schedule to replace with hybrid vehicles).

The town’s annual Budget Summit will take place on Thursday, Jan. 25.

The full Capital Improvement Plan, which covers the next five fiscal years, is available via the town website, www.westboroughma.gov.

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