Shrewsbury’s FY 2025 budget takes shape


Shrewsbury’s FY 2025 budget takes shape
Shrewsbury’s Town Hall stands within the town’s municipal campus off Maple Street. (Photo/Laura Hayes)

SHREWSBURY – It’s still February, but Shrewsbury is already focusing on the 2025 fiscal budget.

The municipal government has been working on the 2025 budget since November, according to Town Manager Kevin Mizikar’s Jan. 18 presentation to the Finance Committee. Throughout the month of December, “budget entry office hours” were held every Tuesday afternoon, and in January the town government’s departments met with Mizikar to discuss the budget.

The first projection of the 2025 fiscal budget will be given to the Finance Committee on Feb. 16.

The Finance Committee will hold public hearings on the budget on March 21 and 23, with additional hearings for the Town Meeting warrant on April 11 and 25. The second projection of the 2025 budget will be published on April 19, according to Mizikar’s report.

The budget will be voted on during the town’s annual Town Meeting. On Feb. 27, the Select Board will officially set the date and time for the Town Meeting, and on March 12 the Select Board will review the draft of the Town Meeting warrant.

The Select Board is scheduled to sign the Town Meeting warrant on March 26, according to Mizikar.

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