An outing at Shrewsbury’s Edgemere Lodge


An outing at Shrewsbury’s Edgemere Lodge
The Edgemere Lodge in Shrewsbury hosted many different groups for outings or conferences.

SHREWSBURY – For years, the Edgemere Lodge was an extremely popular destination that stood near the intersection of Edgemere Boulevard and Canna Drive. Although it was mostly known as a function facility, it also included a nightclub.

One (now deceased) resident, who grew up in Edgemere during the 1920s and 1930s recalled in an interview how, as a young man, he and his friends would see “fancy cars owned by rich men” coming “out of the city (Worcester)” to the “Lodge.” He added that these men were always accompanied by “young floozies!”

A business card from the Edgemere Lodge’s heyday proclaimed it as “As Fine Place To Dine” for “Outings, Banquets, Refreshments, A La Carte Service, Bathing, Baseball, and Other Sports.”

The Edgemere Lodge hosted many different groups for outings or conferences, such as the Elks Lodge and the group in the photograph, the New England Grocers Association. It was also a popular spot for weddings, with the lakefront location providing beautiful scenery. People in the Edgemere neighborhood frequented the spot, too. In its later years, the Edgemere Lodge’s popularity waned. It eventually was torn down and condominiums were built on the site.

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