McCarthy’s Landscaping is passionate about customer service – and your backyard


McCarthy’s Landscaping is passionate about customer service – and your backyard
Roger and Sue McCarthy of McCarthy’s Landscaping. (Photo/Evan Walsh)

REGION – McCarthy’s Landscaping & Irrigation started simple: one man, one truck.

But over the next 29 years, Roger McCarthy turned his business into one of the preeminent Central Massachusetts landscaping, outdoor construction and irrigation companies. The success wasn’t by accident; now boasting 12 trucks and 15 employees, McCarthy’s has grown by treating customers and staff the right way, building trust and ensuring quality work.

“It’s our name on everything that’s being done. We want our name to be synonymous with quality of work, pride and loyalty. There’s 1,000 landscapers out there, but it doesn’t mean they’re all good,” Roger told the Community Advocate in an interview.

McCarthy’s is a full-service landscaping company, offering services including lawn care, mowing and irrigation. The company also works on outdoor projects, including patios, fire pits, outdoor kitchens and other hardscapes that will enhance your backyard.

From spring cleanup to mid-summer lawn maintenance — and even major construction projects to enhance your lawn — McCarthy’s is here to do quality work and help clients “get their weekends back,” according to Sue McCarthy, Roger’s wife and business partner of 22 years.

McCarthy’s is able to consistently provide top-quality services because of how people — both clients and company employees — are treated. The company prides itself on how it treats staff, and the happy and well-supported employees pass those benefits onto the clients.

“We have created a great company culture here with the guys. We have a long tenure with our employees. They are the face of the company; we respect them and what they do for us. We’re all part of the team, and it seems to be winning. They’re truly a family to us — we know all our employees and what they’re about,” Roger said, noting that the team often holds family retreats and goes to Worcester Red Sox games.

With such great company culture, talented employees love their work and stay at McCarthy’s. And because staff have long tenures at the company, they become experienced at caring for properties just as clients prefer. At McCarthy’s, clients can expect to get the same crew every week; the crew will develop a detailed understanding of your property and preferences.

“Customers like the fact it’s going to be the same crew so it’s not a learning curve with a different crew coming every week. The customers are able to get to know the crew coming and ask the foreman a question. Our crews are very responsive to our clients. They’ll stop. They’ll talk to them. They’ll listen to them,” Roger said.

“Our employee retention speaks to the quality of work. Our guys know what to do,” Sue said. “The same crew guarantees consistency. Clients like that; they rely on that.”

Clients and the McCarthy’s crew develop close relationships over the seasons, Roger said. One client bakes for the employees during spring cleanup; one time, a group of McCarthy’s landscapers sang for a 90-year-old client to celebrate her birthday.

And when calling McCarthy’s, you can expect first-rate workmanship. For hardscape projects, Roger personally visits each project to ensure his staff is exceeding expectations.

Next year, the business will celebrate its 30-year anniversary. While both Roger and Sue said that they’re still planning possible festivities, one thing is for certain: They’re going to continue providing top-quality service to Central Massachusetts. They plan to ramp up the maintenance side of the business and add another crew to assist customers.

“In this industry especially — and with any small business — to be able to say you’ve been here 30 years is a huge milestone,” Roger said with a proud smile. “It’s easy to start a landscaping company; it’s tough to keep one going.”

McCarthy’s Landscaping & Irrigation services every town within the Community Advocate coverage area. For more information on the company — or to schedule a consultation — please call 508-842-7110 or visit https://

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