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Young advocates celebrate voter turnout after months of grassroots organizing

One group of local teens found civic purpose this fall in the apolitical goal of getting more people to participate in democracy through voting.

Westborough and Shrewsbury battle to a 2-2 tie

After a tough battle, the Westborough Rangers and Shrewsbury Colonials varsity girls’ soccer game ended in a draw, 2-2.

Planning Board discusses how to address resident traffic concerns

The Planning Board recently heard and discussed resident complaints about truck traffic in town, particularly near a new Amazon warehouse.

Westborough residents invited to try new ride-share service

For at least the next nine months, Westborough residents will have the opportunity to try out a new public transit program – Via- that can bring them to any destination within a 12 mile span in the greater Westborough region.

Despite fears, town clerks say they haven’t seen mail delays ahead of upcoming elections

Two area town clerks say the problem they face this election season is not a feared delay in ballots arriving via the mail, but rather, a crush of them. 

Northborough families are going on a ‘bear hunt’

By Debra Roberts, Contributing Writer Northborough – Staying socially engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic can be challenging but members of our local communities are finding...

AMSA launches ‘enrichment programs,’ navigates COVID-19 alongside other schools

Caught in the back and forth of cancellations AMSA is navigating lost learning time through some of the region’s most comprehensive “enrichment programs.” 

As region’s sole voc. school, Assabet wrestles with COVID19

Assabet Valley Regional High School has cancelled classes and co-ops, and rolled out a variety of measures to care for students rattled by the sudden events of the past month.

Marlborough COVID-19 update as of March 24

By Dakota Antelman, Contributing Writer   Marlborough - The largest population center in the region, Marlborough has stood on the front lines of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic...

Youth group makes a positive difference for marine life

By Christine Galeone, Contributing Writer Westborough – Did you know that six of the seven species of sea turtles in the world are considered to...