Bieber helps Shrewsbury girl have a birthday to remember

Jordyn Oliveri is serenaded by pop superstar Justin Bieber during the singer's Nov. 10 concert in Boston. (Photo/courtesy Jordyn Oliveri )

By Bonnie Adams, Government Editor

Shrewsbury – Like millions of girls around the globe, Jordyn Oliveri, who turns 15 on Nov. 20,? is “obsessed with” pop superstar Justin Bieber. (He has nearly 48 million Facebook fans.) So when her grandfather Tom Oliveri bought her a ticket to see the singer at the TD Garden in Boston on Nov. 10 as an early birthday present, she was thrilled.

But as it turns out, attending the concert was just the start of what would be one of the most exciting nights of the Shrewsbury High School freshman's life. To her astonishment, Jordyn was ?randomly picked out of the thousands of fans at the sold-out Garden that night to go on stage and be serenaded by the singer.

Jordyn, who attended the concert with her three friends, Courtney, Julie and Becky, knew that a girl was always picked to go on stage with Bieber during the song, “One Less Lonely Girl.”

“We talked about it before the show but never thought one of us would be picked,” she said.

But she was. During the concert a member of Bieber's entourage came over to her and asked her to be that night's “Girl.” She was escorted to the backstage area and then led onstage where not only did Bieber sing to her; he hugged her several times and even stroked her hair at one point.

“I was so happy but also in a state of shock,” she said. “It didn's feel like it was really happening.”

Bieber, she notes, did not disappoint her up close and in person.

“He's awesome and he's wicked cute!” she said.

To help her remember the moment, the singer presented her with a dozen red roses.

“I's having them preserved now,” she said, “and then will put them in a frame.”

Although her three friends admitted to being a bit jealous, they were also happy for her, too, Jordyn said.

Since that night, she has become a celebrity of sorts herself, thanks to the power of social media and YouTube. (It also doesn's hurt that she is a very pretty young woman.)

“So many kids came up to me the next day at school to talk about it,” she said. “I also got a lot of new Facebook friend requests.”

“It was amazing!” she said of her experience. “But it still feels like a dream.”

Here is a YouTube video of Jordyn on stage with Bieber – she appears about 2 minutes into the video.


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