The Gutterman

Northborough company installs gutters, gutter guards


By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer


Business name:   The Gutterman

Address: Northborough

Owner:  Michael Simone

Contact Information:  508-405-7885


What services do you provide?

“I install seamless gutters, and offer the option of gutter guards,” said Michael Simone, owner of The Gutterman in Northborough. “Since I can give a decent price when homeowners install both gutters and guards at one time, I focus on that. The gutter guard stamps on top of the gutter to make a one-piece, enclosed system. It’s wicked solid.

“Once gutter guards are installed, for most houses, homeowners don’t have to do anything to remove leaves in the fall. If trees are a little distance away and the leaves just blow on the roof, gutter guards work 100 percent. If the trees hang right over the house, the leaves can sit on top of the guards. In extreme cases, we may need to blow the leaves off the guards and clean the valleys of the roof, but the gutters will be working underneath.”


Do you also repair gutters?

“I do, but a lot of times I can show the customer a better solution, take the cost of the repair job out, and give them a good deal on installing new gutters. Older gutters are often thinner and not put up right. We start from scratch and then can guarantee the gutters for 20 years with no drips, leaks or clogs,” said Simone, who has been installing gutters for 20 years, and works throughout Worcester County.


Why install gutters instead of letting the water run off the roof?

“The runoff can ruin a home’s foundation without gutters. Gutters drain water and keep water from collecting around the foundation. They also keep water from falling on the plants around the house.”


How do gutter guards work with snow and ice?

“Up to 6 inches of snow, I’ve noticed on many houses we’ve done there are no icicles. Over 6 inches of snow, you may get some icicles but the guards help with ice dams because they pull the water forward and out. The snow doesn’t get in and clog the gutter. Our gutters hold on with the ice, and they don’t drip or clog.”


Can this product be used on any roof?

“Yes. We use intricate modern hanger systems for complicated roofs. You sometimes see straps holding gutters on roofs. We don’t do that. Everything is under the shingles and is much more secure, hangs better and looks better. And the gutters are available in 20 different colors.”


How does a homeowner know he needs new gutters?

“A lot of leaks go unnoticed because people don’t go outside when it’s raining. But when you come out the door, look around, look down the length of the gutters. If you see repetitive drips or overflows, then the water is going behind the gutter and it shouldn’t be. It’s going to cause rot and damage.”


What sets you apart from other gutter installers?

“Attention to detail. I know what makes gutters drip and how to install so they don’t drip. Everyone thinks gutters are easy, and they are if it’s a nice straight run. The harder houses, when you get them right, you feel good.”

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