Polished…From Fingers to Toes: New nail salon debuts in Northborough


By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer

Business name: Polished…From Fingers to Toes

Address: 299 West Main St., Northborough

Owners: Linda Ho and Nina Nguyen

Contact Information: 1-508-393-0935


When did Polished open?

“We celebrated our grand opening Aug. 6,” said Linda Ho, co-owner of the elegant nail salon with Nina Nguyen. “I had my own business in this area for about 10 years, but my kids were little so I went to Shrewsbury to work for someone else. Now the kids are older, so I decided to venture out on my own again.”

“We have a Facebook page, and any specials we run or new products will be posted on Facebook. Check for Polished…From Fingers to Toes.”


What services do you offer?

“We do manicures, pedicures, all types of artificial nails,” Ho said. “There are five of us here now, and, hopefully, we'sl have enough business to add more people in the future.” Polished features six pedicure stations and eight manicure tables in a bright open shop decorated in calming shades of lavender and eggplant.

“For our deluxe pedicure, we use hot stone massages and foot masks for exfoliation. Few salons offer hot stone massages. I had it myself for the first time last week, and it's wonderful.

“Nail art is very popular, both designs we draw on and decals. We are going to add a new product called Minx nails shortly. Minx nails are a flexible polymer that is heated, then applied to nails, like a sticker. They are mess-free and a green alternative to nail polish and fake tips. Minx nails usually last up to two weeks.”


What products do you use?

“We have gel polish here, the Gellish and Axxium brands. Gel polish lasts for two to three weeks on natural nails, and it doesn's cause damage. It's perfect for people who have their nails natural but want to keep the polish longer.

“We also offer liquid gel artificial nails, and I haven's seen those in this area yet. These nails are lighter than acrylic ones, last longer on your nails, and don's turn yellow.”


What are the fashion trends in nails for fall?

“We will have many new shades, looking at browns, bronze, oranges, all the fall colors. And lots of designs, especially for Halloween.”


Do you cater to wedding groups and other special events?

“Definitely. We do weddings, and birthday parties for adults and little girls. If someone has enough people and wants to book specific hours, we can do that. For a smaller group, we can keep them together and a bit separate from our other clients.”


What sets Polished apart from other nail salons?

“We sterilize our equipment. Each client gets an individual, sealed bag of sterile implements. That's very important to us.”