1. Please note, at the meeting it was stated that the site will allow for only 50-60 parking spots, not the 100 mentioned in this article. The City plans to have the seniors park in a second lot all the way at the far end of the park and then walk a trail to their center. Not sure what they will do in the Winter. Also, the 3% number is very misleading. The park consists of courts, a wooded area, parking lots, a large school and open space. The only place for this building of course is on the remaining open space. It will take away at least 15% of the parks field space.

    And what sense is there in bribing the community by saying we’ll fix up this park, but first we have to take away 15% of is open space. Don’t they have a responsibility to make improvements just for the good of the community?

    But the question is, why is this city even considering building on what has been a public park for 88 years? Shame on them! The city needs more field space for it’s youth, not less. This is a historic park, dedicated “to the youth of Marlborough” in 1925. But who cares, right? This year a senior center on Ward Park, maybe next year a new library over at Ghiloni Park? Or maybe a cell tower on the soccer field near your house?

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