Earth Day Essay


By Jennifer Reilly

When asking high school seniors what their favorite place in Westborough is, you will most likely receive a slew of restaurants, diners, stores, or maybe no response at all. When asking myself the same question, it is without hesitation the reservoir.? The winding walking paths and calming rippling pond sets the reservoir high above any other spot in Westborough. It even beats out the cheese fries at Harry's. The naturally occurring beauty of the reservoir is reason enough for every member of our community to volunteer their time and effort in to preserving this irreplaceable wonder.

From a young age I can remember setting aside sunny summer afternoons to join my family in taking my dogs on a walk around the reservoir. It was and still is a treasured tradition that my dogs greatly appreciate. Today I like to enjoy warm summer sunsets with friends from the benches along the shore of Sandra Pond. We even go so far as to call ourselves “rezrats” because of the amount of times we find ourselves ending up there. However, the reservoir is more than a hangout; it is a soothing remedy for fast-paced life and a natural escape from our materialistic society. In this developing and innovative world, I feel it is extremely important to keep the conservation of our natural resources at the top of our list of concerns because these are the things that cannot reappear once they are destroyed. These are the things that need our help.

Looking on a small scale, the reservoir is one of the few places in Westborough that offer a completely natural setting. Being a reservoir, it is already protected by the town, but I would love to see it celebrated by our community. Advertising its versatility and organizing community activities will add to the reservoir's popularity and use, while promoting healthy habits and an appreciation of nature. The reservoir is ideal for picnics, playtime, meeting friends, and spending quality time with family. If the reservoir becomes important to the majority of the community, then it will be much easier to rally participation for community cleanups and other nature projects not only at the reservoir but at other locations around town. I have often on my walks felt obligated to pick up any discarded trash I find and although a few wrappers may seem small, everything makes a difference when added together. If we can start changing people's perception and organizing small alterations for the reservoir, then this will ultimately lead to an enormous difference made in the welfare of our natural community.

In this modern and changing world, we often lose sight of the things that are truly important. One of the most important and rewarding things in my life is the preservation of our world's natural beauty. It is a privilege to enjoy this world as it was made and it is my wish that future generations can enjoy the same privilege. I hope that by pursuing a degree in environmental science, I will be able to make a positive change for the well-being of our natural home, whether it be picking up a few discarded wrappers or saving acres of rainforest.

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