Colonial Candies: Bolton candy-maker pleases generations of customers


By Nancy Brumback, Contributing Writer


Grace and Richard Hebert, owners of Colonial Candies. Photo/Nancy Brumback
Grace and Richard Hebert, owners of Colonial Candies. Photo/Nancy Brumback

Business name: Colonial Candies

Address: 47 Sugar Rd., Bolton

Owners: Grace and Richard Hebert

Contact Information: 978-779-6586


How long have you been in the candy business?

“I started working in our family business at age 14. My grandfather started the business back in 1917,” said Richard Hebert, who owns Colonial Candies with his wife, Grace. “It's a family business and we'se family oriented, from senior citizens down to the grandchildren.”

“We have customers tell us their grandparents brought them here and now they are bringing their kids,” added Grace.

The large white Colonial building, built in 1978 with traditional post-and-beam construction, includes both a retail store and a candy-manufacturing operation on the lower level.


What do you specialize in?

“We make a wide variety of boxed chocolates, candy bars, chocolate and white chocolate pops in seasonal shapes. Our specialty is chocolate-covered Oreos. We sell 3,000 Oreos a week,” Richard said, noting there are traditional Oreos with chocolate, mint-filled Oreos with dark chocolate, and peanut butter-filled Oreos with milk chocolate. Sea salt caramels and several flavors of fudge are also made on site.


The retail store is more than a candy store?

“We sell ice cream year round. We have about 14 flavors always available, plus a couple of specials. And now we have 24 flavors of soft-serve ice cream,” Richard said. A make-your-own sundae bar with a choice of over 15 different toppings is a popular attraction.

“Our ice cream is from Bliss Brothers Dairy in Attleboro, also a family business. We'se been dealing with them for 30 years,” said Grace.

The store features a large section of kids” candies. “A lot of parents find the candies they liked growing up and share them with their kids,” Richard said.

Grace is the buyer for the store's extensive selection of gifts, from toys and stuffed animals to jewelry, glassware, and other items.


Do your customers come from a wide area?

Colonial Candies is located right at exit 27 on I-495. “A lot of travelers are going to a vacation spot and want to pick up something along the way, or are taking a gift to family out of state,” Richard said.

“We try to accommodate people,” Grace added. “We'se even had people call and say they are coming through, and are disappointed that we'sl be closed when they get here. So we tell them when they get to the parking lot, call the store again and we'sl come down and let you in,” because the Heberts live on the upper floor.

What are children's parties here like?

“We call the parties Candy Camp. The children dip Rice Krispy treats, a pretzel and two marshmallows in chocolate and put sprinkles on. They get to see the candy manufacturing operation downstairs and then can make their own sundaes,” Grace said.

“Usually, we have about 10 children for a party, but we have had school groups of 40 or 50. Then we do the activities in shifts??”some visiting downstairs, some dipping, some making sundaes.”

Colonial Candies is open Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The company's candies can be ordered online at, though they do not ship chocolates during the summer.


Editor's Note: The preceding is not an endorsement and is presented for informational purposes only.