Westborough’s 300th anniversary parade was awesome

To the Editor:

What an awesome parade! With all the political unrest in this country, uncertainty in world affairs, and devastating storms ripping through our neighbors’ yards to the far south, the Westborough parade was an exciting diversion for us. The parade committee should be congratulated for a job well done! My family and friends enjoyed a lunch time BBQ, and then moved our chairs to the sidewalk for the gala event. We were all wide-eyed and smiling, as the parade came down the street, right on schedule. I can’t think of anything better to bring friends, families and neighbors together. We had lots of kids at my house, and they all enjoyed it so much. I found myself dancing down the street with every unit playing music. I couldn’t help myself! Thank you so much for brightening our lives, and putting a smile on so many faces! I was in the same location for two previous parades; I believe for the 250th and 275th anniversaries. Everyone loves a good parade, and this one was the best!

Stephanie Corte


Community Advocate Staff: