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Alexa…what is 495 Crossroads?’

Cartoon by Ed Turner

Region – When Amazon announced it was accepting bids for its second headquarters, it set off a frenzy among hopeful cities from Seattle to Austin and from Boston to Toronto. Among the 238 bids the company received was one from a locale dubbed “495 CROSSROADS,” the five-community partnership between Marlborough, Hudson, Northborough, Southborough and Westborough.

In its bid, the partnership touted the area’s strategic location along Interstate 495 between Boston and Worcester. In that area, as the bid details, is a “network of 10 area development sites, totaling 6,614,812 square feet, spread out across a 17-mile radius within the participating communities.”

According to the proposal, the area is in proximity to the college infrastructures and startup ecosystems of the two major cities, yet still be far enough away to provide affordable housing and recreational and cultural opportunities in classic New England communities.

Amazon is expected to announce its decision on the project site next year.

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