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Steve Levine
Steve Levine, President of Steve Levine Inc. and an agent at REMAX Professional Associates. 508-735-4663. www.stevelevine.com

I hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday season. As we begin the year anew, I thought I’d kick it off a few market observations for you, and a special promotion I’ve never tried before.

Last year’s real estate market was pretty healthy, with pricing in some communities nearing all time highs. In Middlesex and Worcester counties alone, over 30,000 properties of various types sold, many at over asking price, in just a few days. Still, the biggest challenge of the year has been a lack of inventory in many price ranges, which led to the price spikes that we observed.  Still, even in a strong economy and booming real estate market, a staggering percentage of homes failed to sell – over 9,000 properties in those same two counties, or nearly 25 percent of all listings to hit the market!

Each January, I look back at the year in review, and go through all the homes in the region that sold, as well as those that failed to sell, and try and see if there is any commonality that would explain why some sell and others don’t. In the end, there are often a few critical issues that would have made a huge difference.

During the last blizzard, I sat down and put together an update to my very popular five-page report that details the “Top 10 Reasons Homes in Massachusetts Failed to Sell.” This isn’t some “canned report,” but really represents the core experience of having done this over 2,000 times, and all that I learned through trial and error along the way. I even took the time to incorporate items specific to selling issues in a particular town or area. Even if you’ve read my original report, I think you’ll be stunned to read some of the observations I came up with this year.

After all, what better way to ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes, than to read about what happened to others?

If you’re interested in reading it, along with a separate page of helpful tips, just send an email to [email protected] and include your name and the city you live in, and you’ll be automatically emailed a copy of the report for your individual community.

Each winter, I open up 10 spots in January and February for my “Homeowners Blend Program.” Now in its 22nd year, this has been a fantastic opportunity for sellers to save up to 50 percent on the real estate fees when selling their home. If you’re reading this, and would like one of the slots, email me at and I will save you a spot.

Now, something I’ve never done before. How would you like me to sell your home for NO FEE at all? Well, perhaps this will be your lucky day. I’m going to run a program in February to benefit Dana Farber’s Jimmy Fund program for pediatric cancer research. I need five families to participate, and will be drawing one of the five names as the winner of a commission waiver good for up to $10,000 worth of fees! Let’s do something amazing for children in need, and save you money in the process. Email me for details, and I’ll fill you in on this exciting project.


Steve Levine is president of Steve Levine, Inc., and an agent for REMAX Professional Associates. He has been ranked 10 times as the top REMAX agent in New England, and can be reached at [email protected] or 508 735-HOME <4663>.

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