Whitcomb fifth-graders celebrate 1,000 days

Whitcomb fifth-graders and their bottle sculpture creation

Marlborough – On Feb. 8, many students in Marlborough celebrated the 100th day of school, but 1Lt. Charles W. Whitcomb Middle School fifth-graders multiplied that by 10. They did the math and it has been 1,000 days since their first day of kindergarten. Whitcomb teachers and staff thought this was a cause for celebration. With Whitcomb’s school wide focus on STEAM, teachers planned a fantastic day filled with activities all centered around 1,000 days of learning.

Some of the activities to solidify the concept of 1,000 included: students creating bottle sculptures out of recyclable materials inspired by the artist Chihuly; designing 1,000 Valentine’s Day cards to give to a senior center and a nursing home; graphing, coloring and assembling 1,000 squares; and researching information since 2012 which represents 1,000 days of attending school for these fifth-graders.

“It was exciting to see our students engaged as they researched, created, wrote, and measured their way through the day,” said Jessica Hey, fifth-grade team leader at Whitcomb.


Alison Hathaway (left) and Jessica Hey, fifth-grade content teachers at Whitcomb Middle School
Laney Hammond, fifth-grade teacher, makes Valentine Day cards with students.