India Society of Worcester celebrates Diwali at Worcester Art Museum


By Adway S. Wakekar, Contributing Writer

Diwali is celebrated at the Worcester Art Museum.
Photo/Courtesy Worcester Art Museum

Worcester – The India Society of Worcester hosted its third annual Diwali celebration in conjunction with the Worcester Art Museum Nov. 4. The Worcester community gathered together to celebrate the mission of the “festival of lights” – “dispel darkness and envision an era of peace, prosperity and happiness”.

The day was action packed showcasing the culture of India through musical performances, classical and folk dances, and art.  The cultural segment attracted over 100 enthusiastic participants; ranging from young kids to adults.

“Diwali is one of the biggest festivals in India. It is probably one of the only festivals that is celebrated all over India with such zest and fervor,” Ashish Cowlagi, the president of the India Society of Worcester said. “Celebrations are about sharing our culture with our community, and that’s something we have embraced in our partnership with the Worcester Art Museum.”

Cowlagi also showed his passion for all types of culture, including clothing, food and decoration. In appreciation of these aspects, the community was able to experience Indian culture in a hands on way, by trying on Indian clothes, eating Indian food catered by Bawarchi Restaurant from Framingham, and making Indian style designs called Rangoli. Participants were also treated to guided tours of the Worcester Art Museum’s exhibit, “Preserved Pages: Book as Art in Persia and India, 1300–1800”.

The event brought together community members of all ages; from school students to senior citizens to celebrate one of India’s most festive and revered holidays, by truly immersing themselves in the culture of the nation.

The India Society of Worcester sponsors and hosts events like these on a regular basis. More information can found at