Servello provides personalized CPA services for individuals and small businesses


By Melanie Petrucci, Senior Community Reporter

Vincent Servello III

Westborough – Vincent Servello III has been steadily building his CPA practice in Westborough for the past five years.  His office is located at 176 E. Main St., Suite 7.

This is his hometown – he grew up here. He is a 2006 graduate of Westborough High School and a 2010 graduate of Fordham University. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in public accounting, he then continued on to earn his master’s degree in 2011 in taxation.

Simply put, he loves what he does and is dedicated to providing the best possible service to his clients, all year long – not just during tax season.  He especially enjoys working and getting to know his clientele which are primarily individuals and small businesses.

While attending Fordham, he had the opportunity to work for a “father/son” CPA accounting firm where he gained exposure to all facets of accounting from bookkeeping to tax planning and preparation. This solidified his career aspirations.

“I knew I was going in the right direction,” he said. He also knew he wanted to come back to Westborough.

After graduation he joined the firm of Deloitte in Boston where he gained valuable knowledge and insight with high net worth individuals and Fortune 100 companies.

“In that time period I felt like I could see the whole spectrum. I’ve worked with the ‘mom & pops’ and everyday people and on the other side I saw the ultra-high net worth and Fortune 100 companies. There were a lot more zeros with the latter but both had their own complexities regardless of type of tax return,” he added.

With this broad-based experience, Servello said that he realized that he preferred working with small businesses and individuals because it was a much more personable way to interact with a client.

“It’s one of the things that I enjoy most about my own practice. I actually work with the business owners and individuals on their daily operations; whether it’s planning for how much money they are spending or if they should buy that new piece of equipment or that new car or home,” Servello explained. “It’s like putting together a puzzle.”

What sets Servello apart from other CPAs is his commitment to staying in touch with his clients all year long rather than just checking in at tax time. He wants to know when his clients plan on buying that new home or making an addition to their families – anything that might have a tax implication so he can offer the best advice, to be proactive rather than reactive, when tax time rolls around.

“I welcome any call, email or text with any of my clients. By giving that option to my clients, it helps me understand their tax situation better and also gives them insights into what the consequences are of their transactions,” he remarked.

Communication is instrumental to his success. He doesn’t bill by the hour. By building a year-long relationship with his clients he encourages them to feel free to contact them with any questions that they may have at any time.

“My clients value my experience. They appreciate that I’m not selling a product, just my knowledge and services,” he further stated.

He has been in his current location for almost a year. While most of his clients are located in Central Massachusetts, he does have clients through-out New England, New York and as far away as California. Even so, he still provides a personalized experience with each and every client.

To learn more, visit He can be reached by phone at 774-253-2633 or email: [email protected].