Elect Ananth to Shrewsbury Board of Selectmen


To the Editor:

I urge you to elect Jonjy Ananth to the Shrewsbury Board of selectmen on May 7th. This personable, soft-spoken, educated, intelligent, family oriented young man relates to people in an authentic manner. He instantly puts people at ease.  He is an energetic, problem solver and a consensus builder.  I have seen him in-action talking to senior citizens.  He relates to them like family.

Jonjy will be a refreshing change for the BOS.  Jonjy is a newcomer to the Shrewsbury political scene.  He brings a whole new perspective and skill-set.  He has an MD and an MBA.  He’s a Town Meeting Member and attended Shrewsbury Schools.

He received the “Great Guy Award for domestic violence prevention”. He served ADVISE as “Co-chair for The “Shrewsbury Candle light Vigil”.  He received recognition for “Exemplary Voluntary Services” from the Massachusetts Senate.

Jonjy offers a fresh face, objectivity and diversity to the Board of Selectmen. I believe he will bring a welcomed dynamic to the management of Shrewsbury.  Jonjy needs your vote in order to win.  Please cast your vote for Jonjy Ananth for Selectman on May 7th.

Benjamin W. Tartaglia Sr.