Athlete Profile – Sarah Remillard, Grafton High School


By Matthew Dunn, Contributing Writer 

Sarah Remillard


School: Grafton High School 

Sport(s): Softball and Volleyball 

Class: Class of 2020 



Grafton – Grafton High School Senior Sarah Remillard lets us in on some of her favorite things and plans in the future. Remillard was a League All-Star softball player, former volleyball team captain, and has been one of Grafton’s MIAA Student Ambassadors for her exemplary leadership.


What do you most enjoy about playing volleyball/softball at Grafton High School?

“My favorite part about playing softball at GHS is playing for a strong team with a different group of girls every year… I’ve learned so much from [former] upperclassmen. Playing on varsity since freshman year really taught me how to be a team player and listen to my older teammates….everyone wants to win and picks each other up when a mistake is made and playing through the high school has given me so many new friendships that I’ll cherish for a lifetime”. 


Favorite hobbies/activities outside of school and athletics?

“I love to read, it’s almost an addiction. A lot of people watch movies or tv once they are done with schoolwork or have free time on the weekends, but I find myself snuggling up reading hours on end as I get lost in every good book I pick up. I find genres of all types captivating, science fiction, fantasy, realistic fiction, non-fiction, romance. I also love to draw and paint when I have a rather large block of free time because I am a perfectionist when it comes to art and will spend hours making sure my finalized product is the best it can be.” 


You are graduating high school this coming spring – what’s next?

“I plan to continue my academic and athletic career at Eastern Connecticut State University, where I will be studying in the health science major, with a concentration in Allied Health, to become an Occupational Therapist and playing on the Varsity Softball team.” 


Who do you most admire? Why? 

“I admire my dad [Scott] because not only is he a parental figure for me but he has demonstrated to me what hard work and persistence can accomplish. My dad is a successful engineer, who is extremely intelligent especially in the math and science department… My dad stands up for what he believes in and doesn’t let others put him down, which I admire. I also admire my dad because he stands up for me and helps me calm down…when I’m struggling big time from stress of schoolwork, grades, sports and everything else filling my plate.” 

What is your favorite professional sport/team to watch?

“The sport is easy, baseball. However, my favorite team to watch is a very difficult question because I’m torn between the Red Sox and The Astros. My favorite player is Jose Altuve, because he plays second base and is stellar in the field and is also an amazing hitter who hits countless balls out of the park while standing at only 5’6”. But I also love watching the Red Sox as well because Jackie Bradley Jr., Vazquez, Betts, Benintendi, J.D Martinez, Bogaerts and Devers are all stellar athletes and I love watching them turn extremely hard plays and make it look effortless.” 


What advice would you give a younger student-athlete?

“The advice that I’d give to a younger student athlete is never stop chasing your goals and dreams because if you work really hard for what you want to achieve…never let anybody put you down and say that you can’t do it because with hard work and determination you can get there. I would also tell the younger student athlete that character is extremely valuable, and others notice it whether that be a coach, referee, or your teammates…”