Residents ‘light up’ Marlborough to cheer those on the front line of pandemic



Bridget Raiano’s home is lit up.

By Cindy Zomar, Contributing Writer

MarlboroughBridget Raiano thought of a fun way to let her father know she was thinking about him and wishing him a happy birthday while the family members all practiced self distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.  So she dragged  boxes of Christmas lights out of the attic and began to decorate her house so he could see the lights if he drove by. But why stop there, she thought? Out came the giant lighted pumpkins and the orange lights, too. Raiano then challenged her sisters and a few friends on Facebook to spread a little cheer and light up their own neighborhoods as well. One by one it started to happen and has morphed into a way to let those on the front lines right now…the health care providers, first responders, delivery, grocery, pharmacy and take-out personnel…know that they are appreciated. Participants are sharing their light projects on Facebook and challenging others to keep it going. “Let’s light it up to say ‘Thank You’ is the rally cry now and is a bright spot in an otherwise lonely period.

“I think the world will be changed a bit when this is over. We’ll get together more often, and not wait to host people,” Raiano mused. “We’ll use the good china!“

Other family members and friends have joined in: