Shrewsbury is now deemed in ‘high risk’ COVID-19 category


By Melanie Petrucci, Senior Community Reporter

Shrewsbury – With the news that there were 43 new positive COVID-19 tests in the last two weeks, Shrewsbury has now been deemed a “red” or “higher risk community” according to the state’s COVID-19 community level data reporting. The town is one of approximately two dozen communities to have moved to the higher risk level that now stands at 63.

On Oct. 14, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health updated their list of cities and towns that are in the higher risk category as well as information on community case count across the commonwealth.

The state’s number of positive cases was 138,083 with 9,429 of those deaths.

New information was reported revealing that Shrewsbury had reached the threshold of the red category with an average of eight daily cases per 100,000 residents.

Town officials are monitoring data every day.

Town Manager Kevin Mizikar said in an email, “The biggest take away from the data that we have seen over the last three-plus weeks is an increase in both the number of cases and the positivity rate of those being tested.”

“At this time there is nothing that indicates a clear point of spread.  Therefore, we cannot point to any one aspect whether it be businesses, schools etc.  In some ways that is frustrating.  However, it also means that we do not have to immediately move to alter the operations of any single business or institution in Shrewsbury,” he added. “If data requires us to do so, we will take appropriate measures.”

Within the past 14 days, 3,247 tests were performed elevating the total tests in the community to 20,000. However, 50 positive cases resulted in the total number of cases to reach 454 which reflects a 1.54 percent increase.

“Regardless of the color assigned, we are asking all residents to do their part to stop the spread.  Every interaction with the public in general and even with family and friends needs to be thought about,” Mizikar remarked. “That is not something that I am really happy to have to say, but this is a serious disease that can have serious consequences and therefore individuals need to consider their own actions to protect themselves and the public at large.”

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