Support for new Shrewsbury Police Complex


To the Editor: 

It is my belief that the Shrewsbury Police Department on 100 Maple Ave, is in critical need of improvement and expansion. 

As a retired Massachusetts State Police Captain, with 29 years of experience, as well as a town of Shrewsbury resident for over 43 years, I have had the opportunity, during my career to frequently work with Shrewsbury Police Department officers. We were involved in homicides, serious accidents and assaults as well as other various incidents and circumstances, using the Shrewsbury department facilities for investigative purposes and processing of evidence. 

The current building was adequate, but as time has passed, it has become overcrowded and outdated for certain types of processing and procedures. Essential areas of the department that require improvement and modernization are: radio dispatch, emergency 911 communication, prisoner booking, housing and transportation. These are both officer and civilian safety issues. Oftentimes, due to shortage of space at the police department building, in-service training is convened off site. 

Thirty four sworn officers, dispatchers and clerical personnel, is a large number to function safely within the present departmental structure. To function at peak performance a department needs a modern, updated facility with state-of-the-art equipment and innovative safety measures that ensures the safety and protection of our officers and the community. 

The Shrewsbury Police Department facility was built in 1971 and revitalized in 1996. At that time, it was welcomed and necessary. Forty nine years have passed, and it is time to recognize the need for a new facility to satisfy the requirements of the growing department’s increasing demands and population. 

A new state of the art structure is paramount to the success of the Shrewsbury Police Department. Moving forward, a new modern facility is vital for the success and safety of the Shrewsbury community. 

It is my recommendation that on the November 3, 2020 ballot, we vote YES on Ballot Question #3. 


Joseph E. Parmakian 

(Captain, MSP Ret.)