‘ERIC is a dangerous threat to fair and honest elections’


Letter to the Editor iconTo the Editor: 

In order to have honest and legal elections Massachusetts must have their voter registration lists up-to-date and without any non-US citizens on the lists.

Massachusetts belongs to ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center). ERIC is a dangerous threat to fair and honest elections. It operates under the guise of sharing election data among participating states in order to help ensure the accuracy of voter rolls. It really undermines the principle that only U.S. citizens should vote in our elections. 

ERIC is not required to pass along information it may require about voters who are non-US citizens back to member states so they can be removed from the voter rolls as ineligible. ERIC’s mission statement to help states share data in order to maintain accurate voter rolls seems to be straightforward but state agreements with ERIC require neither the flagging of non-US citizens on the voter rolls by ERIC nor does it require states to remove ineligible voters.

ERIC creates the illusion of helping to clean and manage voter rolls for states. But, its agreements with the states do not address two threats to honest elections: participation of non-US citizens in our elections and clean up-to-date voter rolls.

States have been severing their member agreements with ERIC but Massachusetts has yet to do so. Along with membership is financial support for the organization. 

Let’s personally make sure each town in Massachusetts has up-to-date voter rolls without any non-US citizens on the lists. Let’s protect the honesty of our elections and let whoever wins does so fairly and honestly.

Carole A. David

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