Northborough health agent enhances website COVID-19 link, initiates business outreach


Liz Nolan, Contributing Writer

Northborough health agent enhances website COVID-19 link, initiates business outreach

Northborough – New Northborough Health Agent Kristin Black has had a busy first few weeks updating and enhancing COVID-19 related information and resources on the town’s website. She is also focusing on business outreach and how to better support them during the pandemic.

During the November 9 Board of Selectmen meeting, Black discussed her efforts in business outreach. The Town will host a webinar on Monday, November 16 at 10 am to help local businesses understand the new restrictions they will be operating under and help them connect with information and resources.

“Businesses are struggling to keep up with the rules,” she said. 

“It’s a way to introduce contacts, get some facetime, and strengthen relationships specifically with the business community,” added Town Administrator John Coderre. “We want to give people the resources they need to be able to do the job they want to do, which is to keep themselves, their employees and customers safe.”

The town’s webpage has also been improved to now reflect additional COVID-19 information and resources including age cohort graphs; testing and travel information links; and clarifications on the new face covering and stay-at-home orders. 

As of Nov. 6, Northborough has a total number of 294 positive COVID-19 cases and 23 current active cases and is currently designated as moderate risk. 

Black noted that there has been a small uptick in cases in town, and daily cases statewide are as high as they were in May.

She also answered a frequent question about the new face-covering order and if people are required to wear a mask even if they are walking on a street with no one else around. 

“If you are on a public street or public way, you should be wearing a mask,” she said. “Find a comfortable mask, and it will keep you warm through these cold months. It’s about making choices, especially as we get into the winter season, and what is risky and what is lower risk. You really have to strike a balance that is right for your family keeping in mind our community.”

Black encourages residents to contact her with any questions or concerns. The state also has a non-emergency help line for questions by calling 211. The Health Department can be reached at 508-393-5009.

The full meeting can be viewed on the Northborough Remote Meetings YouTube channel. Black’s presentation file and all COVID-19 related updates can be found on the town’s website.


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