Highland City Striders Running Club cleans up the streets


The 2020 Fireball Challenge benefits the Addiction Referral Center

A collage of nips collected during the 2020 Fireball Challenge.

Hudson-Marlborough – The Highland City Striders Running Club of Marlborough/Hudson recently decided it was time to clean up the streets that club members run on.  After seeing a lot of trash, they realized there were many nips, particularly fireball nips.  So the club decided to clean up the streets by picking up the trash and donating money for all nips and bags of trash collected to the Addiction Referral Center (ARC). This effort has become known as the Fireball Challenge.

Each nip was counted and bagged separately. The runners collected over 1000 nips!  The Addiction Referral Center’s Board of Directors was so impressed with the Club’s efforts they made individual donations equally a buck a nip and gave $1,000 to the ARC.

Highland City Striders collected 40 bags of trash along with the nips and individual runners made donations to the ARC. 

“We see this as a win-win.  We clean up the environment while also helping a local nonprofit.  As a club, we look for opportunities to be of service and this seemed like a great match,” David Kittredge, vice president of the Highland City Striders said. “The goal for the club is to donate $2,000 to the ARC and they have almost reached their goal.”  

Kelly McCausland, Executive Director for the ARC, said “The Highland City Striders are a great group of people who care about their community.  We are very grateful for their efforts and delighted to be on their team!”

For more information visit www.theaddicitionreferralcenter.org.