Mercier named Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce president


Mercier named Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce president
Michelle Mercier is the new Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce president and CEO. (Photo/Courtesy)

MARLBOROUGH – The Marlborough Regional Chamber of Commerce (MRCC) has tapped Michelle Mercier for the organization’s president and CEO role.

Mercier grew up in West Bridgewater and moved to Hudson in 2007. After obtaining her master’s degree from Boston University, she spent a decade in the technology industry, managing international teams for PayPal. After her second son was born, Mercier decided to become an entrepreneur, running her own consulting and coaching firm for the next eight years.

“I liked the fact that I got to work with a lot of different business owners. Every day was a different journey, and I was always problem-solving with them, which I absolutely loved. This role seems like a really great marriage of a lot of my roles,” Mercier told the Community Advocate.

Mercier hosts “The Resilient Entrepreneur with Michelle Mercier,” a 150-episode podcast that has charted in the top 100 globally. In the podcast, Mercier interviews CEOs, shares her business acumen with listeners and details lessons she’s learned over the course of her career. Mercier was also involved in Polka Dot Powerhouse, a business networking group for women across the globe.

With extensive business and entrepreneurial experience, Mercier is ready to lead the MRCC.

“[Becoming CEO] is a little bit surreal, but I feel like all paths have been leading to a role such as this, and I’m really proud to be able to step into it as a mom of two boys and a role model in that manner… I’ve either walked beside business owners as they’ve gone through a lot of stuff, or I’ve seen it first-hand. I’m really proud to move into this role,” Mercier said.

“I feel very passionate about the local business community and making sure that they’re heard and serviced and they have every opportunity to grow their business and realize their dream. I think everybody steps into that role, and it’s a hard role, a hard gig to be in. Entrepreneurs need all the support they can get. In this role, I get to support the community,” she said.

Now at the helm of the organization, Mercier said one of her main goals is inclusivity.

“One of my first pillars is inclusivity. I think that’s a big one… My main thing is to be inclusive, make sure everyone feels welcome here, as well as see where we can grow our community. We’re only as strong as our community and members, and that’s where I want to focus and grow,” she said.

Mercier replaced outgoing President and CEO Steve Messineo, who started the role in March 2023. The transition is going smoothly, Mercier said, and with her flexible schedule she was able to spend a week getting on-the-job training from her predecessor.

“It was a pretty fast transition, but one that I’m really comfortable with. I can see places where I’m going to make my mark,” she said.

The MRCC – headquartered at Florence Street in Marlborough – seeks to “support our diverse business membership by providing a forum, resources and opportunities for experiencing individual and collective growth,” according to the organization’s website. The MRCC holds a host of networking and referral events, aiming to support local businesses and business owners.

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