‘Rocky’ back on dry land, thanks to Shrewsbury Fire Department


Rocky the dog being rescued by the Shrewsbury Fire Department. He had fallen through the ice on Flint Pond. Shrewsbury – One Shrewsbury pup, Rocky, is a lucky dog indeed, thanks to the quick work of the Shrewsbury Fire Department.

“At 9:23 this morning we received a call about a dog who had fallen through the ice on Flint Pond,” Captain Frank Ludovico said.

Ludovico said that two engines were dispatched to that location – one with the hovercraft. The hovercraft was deployed with two firefighters and was able to reach the dog. One of the firefighters in the hovercraft entered the water and was able to retrieve Rocky and bring him  back to be reunited with his owner at the boat ramp.

When asked what breed and age the dog was, Ludovico said that he did not know.

“The owner scooped the dog up quickly and got him into his truck to get him to be checked out, cleaned up and warmed back up again,” he said.

Ludovico said that Rocky appeared to be okay but the department have not received a follow up from his owner.

photos/courtesy Shrewsbury Fire Dept.







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