Northborough Health Agent discusses Halloween precautions


By Laura Hayes, Senior Community Reporter

NorthboroughNORTHBOROUGH – With Halloween just around the corner, Health Agent Kristin Black is urging community members to avoid indoor, maskless parties. 

“I think the biggest thing for me is try to not to have a big, ripping party in your house with everybody with the masks off,” Black told the Board of Selectmen Oct. 18. “We don’t want to get into a dangerous zone getting into Thanksgiving, getting into the holidays.”

During her presentation, Black said there has been a “substantial uptick” of COVID-19 cases in Northborough. 

“Most of the state saw an uptick through the fall,” she said. “We’re just seeing it carry a little longer.”

However, Black said she was “optimistic” that Northborough was on its way down from the curve. 

Her presentation indicated that between Sept. 15 and Oct. 15, there were 137 positive cases in Northborough. Of those cases, 104 were in people over the age of 12. 

When it comes to trick-or-treating, Black encouraged individuals to disinfect, wash their hands and wear masks when close to others. 

Be respectful of neighbors because everyone may not be comfortable, she said.

“Imagine someone out with their two-year-old who’s really not had a lot of interactions — how can we be a good neighbor and work to their own comfort level?” Black said.

While it may not be absolutely necessary to have individually wrapped bags of candy, Black cautioned against having trick-or-treaters come inside the home.

When asked if the person answering the doors should wear a mask, Black said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention generically advises wearing masks when you can’t socially distance.


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