Concierge PT owner offers timely ski season tips


By Sean T. Lordon

Dr. Sean T. Lordon of Concierge Physical Therapy gives tips for ski and snowboard season.
Dr. Sean T. Lordon

REGION – Ski and Snowboard season is upon us and although both are great ways to get some outdoor exercise, it is important to be careful in both preparation and recovery. 

Train your upper and lower body with bicep and wrist curls along with squats and lunges, take a few minutes to stretch out your hamstrings, quads, back and calves to prevent injury and, at the end of a busy ski day, spend ten or fifteen minutes with a foam roller to avoid soreness the next day, paying special attention to your back, quads, hamstrings and hips. All of these exercises will help ensure a safe and fun winter season. 


Dr. Sean T. Lordan is a doctor of physical therapy and the author of “11 Winning Secrets To Stop Aging In Its Tracks.” Concierge Physical Therapy has locations in both Shrewsbury and Sutton. For more information or to schedule an appointment visit



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