Shrewsbury native competes on ‘The Voice’


Shrewsbury native competes on ‘The Voice’
Cara Brindisi performs during the blind performances on “The Voice.” (Photo by Tina Thorpe/NBC)

SHREWSBURY – From singing with the Shrewsbury High School Acapella Choir to now performing on “The Voice,” Cara Brindisi continues to follow “the greatest honor of her life.”  

Brindisi said she enjoys singing because of the way it impacts others.

“Whether it’s an audience of 100 or 1000, or I am doing my work as a music therapist… To be able to be a vehicle [for music] is the greatest honor of my life,” she said. 

Meet Cara Brindisi

Brindisi first picked up a microphone when she was two years old. When she was seven, Brindisi began taking singing lessons and participating in musical theater camp. 

As she grew older and entered Shrewsbury High School, she became involved with the Acapella Choir, the school musicals and the Districts and All State Choir, which she said was “one of her favorite parts of high school.” 

After graduating high school, Brindisi attended Berklee College of Music, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in music therapy. She later worked as a hospice music therapist at the Visiting Nurse Association of Boston. 

When she’s not in the studio or on the stage, she said she enjoys spending time with her Australian shepard, Lula, and being in nature. 

“I started to do bird photography during the pandemic. It’s kind of nerdy, but I don’t care. It’s so relaxing for me and it’s a huge passion of mine,” she said. 

Although Brindisi, who lives in Worcester, has not resided in Shrewsbury since she was 18, she still visits her hometown and participates in community events like performing at the Turkey Trot last year. 

Organizer of the Turkey Trot and the Shrewsbury Public Schools Assistant Superintendent for Community Partnerships and Well-Being Jane Lizotte said Brindisi is a “kind and generous individual.” 

“During this Alzheimer’s awareness and fundraising event, Cara shared with the participants and supporters that she discovered her love of music while spending time with her grandfather, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease,” Lizotte said. “Cara’s dedication and devotion to others is inspirational.” 

Brindisi said that Shrewsbury and Central Massachusetts community has been “very supportive” of her musical career by attending her shows and sharing her music on social media. 

Shrewsbury native competes on ‘The Voice’
Cara Brindisi performs during the Turkey Trot in Shrewsbury in 2021. (Photo/Dakota Antelman)

Brindisi hits her biggest stage yet 

With the dream of making it big, Brindisi said last fall she attended virtual auditions for “The Voice.” Ultimately, she was named as a contestant on the show. 

When Brindisi first arrived in Hollywood, she said she had her sights set on working with coach Blake Shelton. But after she belted out “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift, and Gwen Stefani turned her chair, she couldn’t resist working with “the queen,” despite Shelton also wanting to coach her. 

“There was a lot being pitched to me. I feel like Blake really heard me as a country singer, but Gwen really heard me as more of a female songwriter, rock [and] pop artist and that’s more of the vein I am trying to go for,” she said. 

Brindisi added, “Also, I am just a really big fan of Gwen Stefani … being in front of her, I was starstruck. My gut was screaming at me to go with Gwen Stefani.” 

She said being on “The Voice” taught her a valuable lesson about the music industry. 

“What you learn quickly when you are out there [on “The Voice” stage] among incredible singers and musicians is that everyone has their own lane in music. When you can look at that as inspiration as opposed to competition, you really start to feel more settled in your own confidence and your own voice,” she said. 


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