St. Mark’s triangle, tree protection bylaw on Southborough warrant


St. Mark’s triangle, tree protection bylaw on Southborough warrant
Town Meeting members hold up their red cards to vote during the Southborough Special Town Meeting in 2021. (Photo/Laura Hayes)

SOUTHBOROUGH – With Southborough’s Town Meeting set to convene next week, here’s a look at what’s on the warrant.

The warrant features a total of 13 articles, including two citizen petitions regarding flags and St. Mark’s triangle.

One of the articles was petitioned by Debbie DeMuria and Rebecca Deans-Rowe seeks to limit the placement of flags to be consistent with preservation guidelines for municipally-owned burial grounds and cemeteries, according to the warrant.

Specifically, it asks for Town Meeting to request that the Select Board restrict the placement of flags in the Old Burial Ground to the American flag flown on a single, existing and permanent pole. It would remove all additional flags on raised flagpoles, but it would not apply to individual grave markers.

The second citizens petition, which was proposed by DeMuria and Kevin Farrington, would authorize the Select Board to accept a gift of land from St. Mark’s School that is commonly known as the St. Mark’s triangle.

One of the articles proposed by the Planning Board would add a tree protection bylaw to the section of the chapter regarding trees.

“The intent of the bylaw is to put in place a process for the maintenance of Public Shade Trees, including but not limited to, trimming, cutting, planting and the removal of dangerous or damaged trees within the public right of way, and to protect the town from unnecessary tree removal and to maintain the New England character and charm of the Town of Southborough,” the warrant reads.

Other articles on the warrant will provide funding to rent voting clickers for electronic voting for the 2023 Annual Town Meeting and require advanced notice for any new bylaw proposed through a citizen’s petition.

The warrant can be found at

Town Meeting will take place on Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. at Trottier Middle School.