A Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee?


Letter to the Editor logoIn response to” the article in the September 9 edition regarding the Northborough selectmen making appointments to boards and committees:  There were “not enough applicants” to fill the six at-large positions on the “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee.”  I wonder if there were “not enough” or rather not the desired ethnicity.  Selectman Kristen Wixted said, “…we have nobody who is a Black person.  We have nobody from the Indian community in Northborough.”  Perhaps the town residents should consider eliminating this committee seeing as there doesn’t appear to be much interest. It would make more sense to reallocate any funds for this committee to increase funding to the food bank or a fuel program to help local residents. In the wake of high inflation and possible food shortages, what better way to prove our commitment to equity and inclusion than assisting those who need it the most. Northborough residents  already do a lot for each other so it’s far better to step up these efforts.  Setting up a special committee whose membership criteria is based on race or ethnicity will by its nature create divisiveness in the community as a whole.  

Carolyn Jordan

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