From cable to YouTube, Marlborough schools get the word out


From cable to YouTube, Marlborough schools get the word out
Marlborough has issued a call for a new school bus contract.

MARLBOROUGH – When it comes to getting the word out about programs and events, Marlborough Public Schools has a variety of options at hand.

During the Dec. 13 School Committee meeting, Communications Coordinator Jill Morin presented an overview on how students, staff and families use social media and WMCT, the city’s cable access studio.

Morin said the most popular videos and photos include faculty achievements, upcoming events, special guests at MPS and classroom projects.

“Instagram is popular with students,” said Morin.

Tags help a great deal, she added

“It’s a great way of saying ‘Hey, this is what’s coming up,’” she said.

She added that the schools’ Instagram account has 200,000 impressions, with 180,000 different accounts accessing the information.

YouTube is another popular platform, with instructional videos topping the list, followed by performance and entertainment videos.

Morin also focused on other forms of media, such as postcards to recruit potential employees, LinkedIn to post job openings, and the MPS digital library which features videos of school programs in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

MPS recently rolled out a new monthly series on WMCT called the “Superintendent’s Corner.” Upcoming programs include music tutorials and a welcome video for new staffers.

“I’m thrilled with the work you and the staff have done,” said School Committee member Katherine Hennessy.

Morin said she would like to hold more video translation classes and have the schools produce a weekly news segment. She currently has a Marlborough High School senior as an intern videographer.

New school bus contract

In order to deal with an ongoing shortage of bus drivers, Director of Finance and Operations Douglas Dias issued a call for a new contract for bus transportation.

The school district received one bid from North Reading Transportation. The contract would go from Jan. 15, 2023, to June 30, 2025.

The School Committee approved the contract.

Holiday donations

MPS accepted several donations to benefit less fortunate families during the holiday season.

Metrowest Jewish Family Services donated nearly $3,400 worth of girls’ jeans and leggings. In addition, Marlborough High School student Ava VanBuskirk collected 72 pairs of socks in a clothing drive.

The Rotary Club donated $1,000 in gift cards to Walmart and Target. The gift cards will help families purchase gifts for older children.

Toys for Tots will provide about 350 toys for students age 12 and under.

The donations will be distributed via the schools’ Wraparound Program coordinators and the schools’ adjustment counselors.


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