Community invited to Minuteman Park monument dedication


Letter to the Editor iconThe Town of Westborough is planning to dedicate its new monument in Minuteman Park on Saturday, April 15, 2023.  That monument honors the 101 men of Westborough who marched in response to the Lexington Alarm of April 19, 1775.  

Many of the men’s names on the monument are familiar to current residents because we drive on streets in the town named after them:  Bowman, Maynard, Warren, Belknap, Fay, Adams, Brigham, Parkman. Other names have connections to Westborough history:  Rice, Gale, Whitney, Harrington.

Knowing that some families in Westborough have direct ties to men named on the monument, the Town would like to invite all families with such ties to attend the dedication ceremony.  

If your family had ancestors living in Westborough in 1775, check out the monument in Minuteman Park to see if your family name is on the monument. It is located on the entrance path going towards Sandra Pond just beyond the 1975 Bicentennial Commission monument.  

Community invited to Minuteman Park monument dedication
The new monument stands in Minuteman Park. (Photo/Courtesy)

Alternatively, check out the Town’s website at  The names on the monument are in the same order as on the muster rolls from which the men were paid for their service. To facilitate searches, an alphabetical list of names has been added as No. 9 to the collection of records relating to the monument. You can view the list directly at

Then, if you have a family tie to any of the men on the monument, send a message by email to [email protected], outlining the connection so your name can be added to the Town’s invitation list.  Alternatively, write to Trustees of Soldiers’ Memorials, 34 West Main Street, Westborough, MA 01581 with this information.

David A. Nourse on behalf of the Westborough Trustees of Soldiers’ Memorials 

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