‘I urge the voters of Shrewsbury to re-elect Sandra Fryc’


Letter to the Editor iconTo the Editor,

I urge the voters of Shrewsbury to re-elect Sandra Fryc to the Shrewsbury School Committee.

I met Sandy through our work together on the Beal Building Committee. I was immediately impressed by her strong work ethic and her commitment to public education.

As a member of the Shrewsbury School Committee for five terms, Sandy has unparalleled institutional knowledge of both the needs of the schools and municipal services. Sandy played a key role in developing a sustainable, long-term municipal-school department financial plan that provides consistent and appropriate funding for town and school services.

Sandy is extremely respected by her colleagues on the School Committee as she was asked by her fellow members to serve for two terms as Chair of the School Committee during the Covid-19 pandemic. She was instrumental in guiding the Shrewsbury Public Schools through the most challenging time the school district has experienced.

At the center of Sandy’s commitment to public service, are the students of Shrewsbury. Sandy believes that all students deserve an education that allows them to reach their full potential and prepares them for a successful future. Sandy is committed to ensuring that the Shrewsbury Public Schools continue to thrive and provide a world class education to all students.

Please join me in voting for Sandra Fryc for the Shrewsbury School Committee on May 2nd.


Erin M. Boucher

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