Temporary off-ramp for I-90, 495 opens


Temporary off-ramp for I-90, 495 opens
Drone photography shows the Route 495 and Massachusetts Turnpike interchange. (Photo/Tami White)

WESTBOROUGH – A new temporary off-ramp from the Mass. Turnpike eastbound to Route 495 northbound and southbound will open on July 11.

According to a bulletin provided by the state’s Department of Transportation, the temporary off-ramp will continue to provide two lanes for exiting traffic, but will require motorists using the ramp to reduce their speed to safely navigate the temporary alignment.

The mainline of the Pike (and Route 495) will continue to provide three lanes per direction (except for limited off-peak lane closures), and all other ramps at the interchange will remain open in their existing configuration and alignment.

This is part of the MassDOT project to improve the interchange between the Pike and Route 495. For information and updates, visit https://www.mass.gov/i-495i-90-interchange-improvements

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