Work on Westborough Commons close to completion


Work on Westborough Commons close to completion
Westborough’s Town Hall is located at 34 West Main Street. (Photo/Laura Hayes)

WESTBOROUGH – Work on Westborough Commons is moving along enough so that developer Farooq Ansari will not be facing fines.

During the Planning Board meeting on Sept. 5, Director of Planning Jenny Gingras discussed the site visit made with Ansari earlier that day. Most of the work required to be completed by Sept. 1 had either been completed or was close to completion.

This work included the long-awaited completion of the clubhouse. The bathroom has been installed, and exterior work should be done within a week, according to Ansari.

Most of the construction debris on the site has been moved, and a lighting plan has been approved by the town’s Design Review Board.

Despite the progress made, at least one resident expressed his frustration at the slow pace. He wanted the Planning Board to demand more from the developer, such as installing a fence. Board Chair Mark Silverberg replied that much of what was being requested was beyond the board’s scope; he said that once a homeowners’ association has been established, then the residents could apply for permits for a fence or other items.

Silverberg did agree with the time it took to resolve these issues.

“It’s frustrating … threatening fines to get you to get things done,” he told Ansari.

The next phase

While one phase of the Commons is closer to completion, board members and Ansari discussed the first steps to the next phase.

This would be the construction of a three-story, 19-unit mixed-use project. The plans call for a total of 36 bedrooms, including five one-bedroom, 11 two-bedroom and three three-bedroom. There would be a total of four affordable units (one one-bedroom, two two-bedroom and one three-bedroom).

The project would include a total of 31 parking spaces – 15 retail, 14 residential and two for visitors.

There are several issues on the table, including sewer, parking for visitors and construction vehicle access.

In exchange for allowing this project, Ansari will give the town two parcels on Oak Street for open space.

The board will further review the work, and the next phase, at its next meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 19.

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